COVID-19  gave us a difficult choice, but clear: Shut down the library, or people could die.

Lillie Russell Memorial Library is a very active public library averaging over 100,000 visits per year.  Due to our popularity, anything short of shutting the doors was not the safest thing to do. So, we took decisive action.

The Library of Congress helped lead the charge, announcing that it would close all its facilities to the public through April and suspend library-sponsored programs until mid-May. Soon after, public library systems in major cities followed suit and closed as well.

Libraries also serve as a lifeline for low-income families. They loan out far more than just books. For so many the local library is the source of free internet, computer usage, DVD’s, printing services, educational programs, connections to resources, tax aide, and so many others.

Your local library is a huge resource for so many in your community.  As we slowly emerge from this health crisis, those citizens are going to need help from the people they have come to trust. Their Local Library.

At some point we know you will recognize the void from the closure of Lillie Russell Memorial Library, and we hope and pray that everyone will be there to put it back on track.