About Lindale Library

The Lillie Russell Memorial Library in Lindale, Texas is a privately funded library which is free and open to the public.   Our mission is to be a community resource center, committed to supporting the literacy and educational enrichment of Lindale and the surrounding community through diverse programs delivered by an efficient, well-trained staff.  

We strive to bring our community together to celebrate reading, learning and discovery.  It does not matter whether the book is a printed volume or an eBook download.  Or whether it is a gripping new novel, compelling travelogue or brightly illustrated children’s book. Or even if it is not a book at all.  What is important is that our community has access to resources for learning, and that those resources are available to young and old alike.  That is what Lillie Russell Memorial Library is all about.

We hope you will join us in our mission by getting involved at the library, whether it is joining with us in our community outreach events, volunteering your time to help out at the library, or contributing toward our funding needs.  Want more information?  Send an email to info@lillierusselllibrary.org or call our director at (903) 882-1900.